"A Centre for Peace and Personal Development"

Yoga Classes with Natasha

Yoga for all
Tuesday. 14.30 till 15.45

Develop your practice and discover stillness within movement and movement within stillness. Alternating between flowing sequences and static postures, students will be encouraged to work with awareness and modifications will be offered so that everyone can participate fully. The structure of this class will have a natural ebb and flow like the movement of the sea and will culminate with a deep relaxation.

Baby Massage and Infant nurture
Tuesday 16.00 till 17.00

The benefits of baby massage are well researched and evidence based. Baby massage aids our baby’s development, body awareness, coordination and movement. It also helps to strengthen our baby’s immune system, improves their skin condition and circulation, helps with digestive transit and balances the nervous system and respiration. Baby massage may also help to relieve many common baby ailments. Massage is combined with an infant nurture course. Drawing upon my experience as a paediatic nurse we share knowledge to help one another cope with a wide variety of baby ailments, examining both pharmalogical and complementary health care practices and general advice to help to treat and care for a wide variety of childhood ailments.

Parent and Toddler Yoga
Thursdays. 9.30am to 10.15am plus social time

These classes are designed to get little ones (and parents) moving and exercising in a fun, inspiring and calm environment. We aim to enjoy yoga through play using a variety of styles and props such as puppets, balls, bean bags, parachutes, stories and songs to engage busy little minds.

Postnatal & Baby Yoga (newborn to crawling).
Thursdays. 11am till 11.45am plus social time

This class nurtures both mums and babies and combines baby yoga and postnatal yoga. In baby yoga we use multisensory play, loving touch and yoga based exercises to support our baby’s development. Our babies experience relaxed, nurturing touch and closeness along with opening, stimulating stretches and exercises.

Parent & Baby Yoga (for little ones on the move).
Fridays. 10.00 till 10.45 plus social time

We continue to use multisensory play, movement and song to engage our little ones but also incorporate group activities, more diverse sequences and exploring, and social time in a safe environment. Many babies really benefit from the calmness that yoga practice promotes and the classes are structured so that even the most energetic little one will leave feeling more relaxed in body and mind.

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Your Therapist

Natash Calia
Natasha Calia RN, MICHT, Dip BWY, Dip BSY, Dip Birthlight, REP.

Natasha is a registered nurse and has undertaken several BSc postgraduate modules. She worked within hospital and community settings locally and as a Junior Sister in London for 11 years prior to embarking upon a more holistic approach to health.

She has gained therapeutic massage diplomas in aromatherapy, deep tissue, developmental baby massage, facial massage, Indian head massage, hot/cold stone, manual lymphatic drainage, pregnancy massage, Swedish massage and Thai table massage. She has numerous qualifications in skincare and provides professional aromatherapy facials. Natasha has developed her own ‘breathingspace’ and ‘babyspace’ range of aromatherapy skin and bodycare products.

As well as body work qualifications, Natasha is a fully qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher and has undertaken further training in prenatal, pregnancy, postnatal and baby yoga. Natasha originally studied yoga in India around 19 years ago and has enjoyed a personal practice ever since. She teaches a variety of groups - pregnancy, postnatal, babies, and general classes and provides individual tuition for those who prefer this. Natasha regularly coordinates and teaches day and residential yoga retreats.

Natasha has always been fascinated with the way that we move, feel, and experience our lives through our bodies and how our thoughts and emotions affect our wellbeing. Working holistically, she often incorporates breathing, healing, and relaxation techniques drawing upon and combining skills from different massage traditions to enhance the treatment.

Phone: 07886 980687